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  • Are you tired of making investment decisions based on your gut feeling or incomplete data? AngelScore can help you make informed and objective investment decisions by providing you with accurate and data-driven insights on startup performance.

  • Our scoring methodology is designed by experienced investors and industry experts, so you can be confident that you're getting the most accurate and reliable insights on startup performance.

  • Investing in startups is risky, but with AngelScore, you can minimize your risks and maximize your returns. Sign up today and start making informed and data-driven investment decisions.

Key features

Create and store scorecards for your startup evaluations

Assign points to the startup's team, product, market, and other key factors

Quickly and objectively evaluate a startup's potential

Get clear recommendations based on your scorecard analysis

Use the tool to make more informed decisions quickly

Fill out necessary information in the projects cards using hints


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Benefits of using AngelScore

  • Score startups based on comprehensive evaluation criteria

  • Get a detailed report on each startup's strengths and weaknesses

  • Compare startups against industry benchmarks

  • Make investment decisions based on objective data and insights

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